Queen Mary Rosary Tower

Queen Mary Ministry started this mission of making Rosaries in prayer on 11th February 2000. There are Rosary alliances begun fellowship in parishes, prayer groups and also in Schools. This aims at work combined with prayer. These Rosaries are made in meditation. These Rosaries are distributed along with a prayer intentions card all over the world.

By 2008 there are 25 Rosary alliance with more than 180 ladies making rosaries and we are giving training for Rosary making Rosary prayer tower is the fellowshp which prays for world peace all 24 hours. This prayer group expects your prayer needs and prays for you throughout the day.

We have released “PRAY THE ROSARY” Audio Casette in malayalam. tamil and english.

To know more about Rosary Tower and for your Prayer request :

Helpline : +91 944 7090 753,   +91 487 2411 211,   +91 974 6709 436
E-mail : maryqueen@rediffmail.com