Trustees & Advisory Board Members

Trustees & Family

Br. Ani George - Mrs. Asha George
Angel Mary, Ann Mary
Rose Mary, Samuel George
Miya Mary, Sharbel George

Advisory Board Members

Mrs. Lilly Thomas Palockaran
Member Child Welfare Committee, Thrissur.

“While the political battle rages, little has been done to address the emotional needs of those who struggle with the aftermath of an experience that is deeply traumatic and often coerced and unwanted. Instead social taboos stifle discussion of abortion- related feelings. Women are left feeling isolated and their recovery is inhibited.”

Dr. Sarojam DCH
Jubilee Mission Hospital, Thrissur.

“Forbidden grief is a strong , thoughtful and compassionate revelation that eliminating a life within the womb diminishes the value of life for all humanity and impacts the life of the woman in ways she can't anticipate.”

Dr. Louis .D. Parakkal D.G.O
St. Vincent. De. Paul Hospital, Ollur.

“There is a place within a woman no man has ever known. A place touched only by God and a few brave souls with healing hands and prayerful hearts who dare to journey with her and rock her gently leading her back to herself…”

Adv. Sebi Pulleli,

“We have to give awarenes to the society how a women should be treated with respect, dignity, and the highest Estem made authentic through God’s, gentle love.”

Special Prayers And Thanks To :


  • Mr. Daniel V.A
  • Mr. L. J. Thomas
  • Chev. Sunny
  • Thekkanath
  • Mr. Anil Paul
  • Mr. Joemon
  • Mr. Anis
  • Mr. Boby
  • Mr. Antony Vincent
  • Mr. Clitson Joseph
  • Mr. Rubis Tharayil
  • Mr. V. Koshy
  • Kuriakose
  • Mr. Abraham Joseph


  • Dr. Binoy Koshy
  • Dr. Harun
  • Mr. Ancil
  • Mr. Abraham
  • Mr. Aji Peter
  • Mrs. Hema
  • Mr & Mrs. Luckson
  • Augustine - Manju
  • Mr. Reji Madathilethu


  • Mr. Pious Aloor
  • Mr. Tomson


  • Mr. Jayan Joseph
  • Mr. Jose Chomkara
  • Mr. Santhosh
  • Mr. Rajesh
  • Mr. Sajan
  • Mr.& Mrs. Rishi-Jancy
  • Mr. George Cholankeril
  • Mr & Mrs.Saju-Honey


  • Mr. Abraham Kalayamthanam
  • Mr. Thomas Chankangiri
  • Mr. Tomy Kandaraparambil


  • Mr. Cyril Kochery
  • Mr. Lukose Kalaynthanam
  • Mrs. Reji Thomas
  • Mrs. Dolly thomas
  • Mrs. Mary Areekan


  • Mr. Jose Purackal
  • Mr. & Mrs. Anto - Elizabeth


  • Mrs. Matilda
  • Mr. Anbalan